Monday, January 11, 2010

The toys are back in town!

The lovely and amazing Craftland has turned back into a pumpkin (er, consignment shop) for the year. I just received a box full of plush goodness, most of which still needs to be photographed & listed.
Here's a few of the recently re-cooped Chickenpants, though:

Quinn! One of my all time favorites. Also, one of the all time tiniest Chickenpants. He's only 5.5" tall. So cute!

Cerise! Good golly, I love those pants. Fun fact! Those pants of hers were actually a skirt I picked up thrifting, and hoped to wear myself. IT WAS NOT TO BE, as I have a little but more bum than they could handle.

Howard rocks the pot belly, slightly heart shaped head, and mod pants like no one else.

Hughey sports pants featuring re-purposed fabric that I brought back with me from Japan, so long ago. 2002. I really want to go back to Japan. Can you believe that I didn't even know about Blythes back then, but spent an inordinate amount of time in toy stores while I was there? It's true! Also, I did not sew at that time, and came home with an awful lot of beads. CRAZY.

That's it for now. I need to get crackin' on a super new batch of CPs (hint: ninjas will be making a return shortly!) and a few other projects. (another hint: one of these projects aims to put to bed the mystery of relisting on etsy once and for all!) Stay tuned.


Southern Belle said...

They are sooo cute. I like Howard =)

Absolutely Small said...

Thank you!

andrea said...

those are super cute!

ocasiocasa said...

Cerise's pants really caught my eye! Those are so pretty. What a lucky little Chickenpants she is. :)

Anonymous said...

I love Chickenpants!

Absolutely Small said...

Thanks everyone!
Ocasiocasa: Same here. I want a pair of those!

Raggy Rat said...

i love hughey
his pants, his belt and the way he holds his arms
might he cover the shipping of hamster-car? *being cheeky !!!!
also, my girls and baby love to see chicken pants ... mary - 20 months now says 'chickpants' ! cool huh !

Absolutely Small said...

That's awesome, Cat!


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