Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The day in bullet points

Let me just start by letting you know: I'm up early. It's quiet. I do not know what to do with myself. I'm looking at my schedule for the day, and it looks like this:

✧ Find a vet who treats bunnies.
Finnegan's got something rashy going on with his parts. Ewww.

✧ Finish up a custom order.

✧ List. Relist. List. Relist. A lot. (It's part of the experiment!)

✧ Send out the mailing list. (Are you on the mailing list? It's...action packed.)
Absmall stuff.

✧ Finish photographing new plushies.

✧ Take a break, rub some bellies:
What? I'm comfortable.

✧ Put together get well package for a friend.

✧ Stuff new Chickenpants while watching Psych.

I guess it's a good thing I'm up weirdly early. What does your day look like?


Piggy said...

Great day! Finnegan is adorable! I hope you manage to find a vet for him. My day was long. It's night time (or wee morning) here in SG. I just did my blog, snag a treasury, relist, list & tweet.

Hope you have a fun day!

God Bless

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

I loooove your list. You make the mundane seem quite interesting and have the cutest pug ever!!!

Good luck with the bunny parts...

Absolutely Small said...

Aw, thanks you two!

b-ballstar said...

At least you have a list!!

Christie Cottage said...

Cute bunny and I'd rub that puppy! I hope you get it all done!


Trish said...

OH can I relate! I had a Guinea Pig and she lived a very long time(8yrs). Things always goin on. But your bunny and pug are the cutest things! They definitely keep up with Chicken Pants/the Farting Machine. Lol Love ur blog

The Oxford Family said...

sounds like a great day!

Absolutely Small said...

Ha ha! Thanks so much for the comments, everyone.

Stacey said...

inspiring list, indeed...belly rubbing at the top :)

nomadcraftsetc said...

Ha ha! My daughter wants me to rub her belly now that she saw your pup!

Your day looks a lot funner than mine! ENJOY!

Ditsy Bird said...

My day here in the UK is nearly at an end so very little left on the to do list other than
1) glass of wine...White me thinks
2) catch up TV as sky+ getting dangerously full (no!!!!) so a bit of cheesy sci fi might be in order
3) 'chat' with bf who works away
4) kitchen tidy (coming down to a clean kitchen starts my day with a bounce)
5) scoff some Christmas choccies (optional - yeah right)
6) take stock of what achieved today and write Thursdays task list
7) snuggle up in bed and head for snooze land :)

Absolutely Small said...

Nomadcraftsetc: That is so cute!!

Ditsy Bird: I like your list, lady! Cheesy scifi is a regular in our house, too. ^-^

Organic Meatbag said...

awwww...that pug? That's what I feel like right now...
and that rabbit? I bet he likes carrots...

Absolutely Small said...

You're right, he does! And yogurt, it turns out. (The vet has us feeding her yogurt for her stomach.) (Also, it turned out Finnegan is a girl.)


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