Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh, shoot. I need to blog today.

How did this sneak up on me? I was going to be all, like, organized this year, and plan ahead my blog posts, and...file things. Apparently, I need another week to prepare for 2010.

So, you, lucky readers, get a scrambled together blog post full of bullet points. Yippee, hooray!

  • This post by Finslippy about the evils of sugar is pretty interesting. I have major, sometimes debilitating blood-sugar issues, but somehow always weave my way back into sugar's sugary embrace of sugar. This post makes me want to try again, as I have been quite curmudgeonly lately, and perhaps it has something to do with all that candy inhalation.

  • Finnegan has taken up farting and then leaping off the couch. Oh, delightful. Bunny farts.
    Buns in motion

  • Hey, look, a leaping pug!

  • I am working on a TOP SECRET project. Or rather, I SHOULD be working on a top secret project right now. The deadline is screaming up as we speak.

  • Oh! And! I added some new designs to the ol' Zazzle outpost. Chickenpants Baby onesies, anyone?

Okay, I'm out. Hope you're starting the year off better than I am!


Scrivener's Retreat said...

Finnegan and I would make great pals. But I fart and stay on the couch. It's everyone else who leaps away.

Absolutely Small said...

Ha ha! Too funny!

Heroine Industries said...

ha ha! I need to try and cut down on sugar too! Will end up with no teeth >_> lol

DitsyBird said...

bunny farts and leaping pugs - happy, happy days!!!

Black Cat Crafts said...

your blog rocks, even the ones you don't "plan". love it, keep it coming !

Absolutely Small said...

Aw, thanks for the sweet comments! ^_^ It's really great to know someone is reading this.


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