Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Notes from the Japantown Re-Ment Bender of Late '09

It all started with Dan finding out that 20th Century Boys was playing at a new theater in Japantown. We do love the Japanese-movies-based-on-manga-we've-never-read genre. That combined with the promise of a new theater inside a new 4 story shop/gallery was too much to resist.
This is the part where I wish I had bunches of photos to share with you. Alas, most of the shops in Japantown forbid photography. Lame.
First stop was Super-7, just to make sure they hadn't started stocking Blythes or something. (They haven't.)

NEW PEOPLE Grand Opening Day
Originally uploaded by NEW PEOPLE

And then, New People, the great big new shop/gallery/movie theater. So much great stuff! There's even the sole American outpost of Baby The Stars Shine Bright, in case you need some Lolita gear.
And now, in lieu of a photo of a Chickenpants in front of Lolita stuff, a re-enactment:
Me: I feel embarrassed just being in this store. And old.
Dan: Me too.
Me: But boy, if I was a 16 year old Japanese girl, I'd totally wear this stuff.
Dan: Me too.
Me: What?
Dan: What?
Me: That's not at all disturbing.

Then onward to Kinokuniya Bookstore, where I started shaking box after box of Re-ment. Books? Oh, I guess they have amazing books, too.
A friendly set of art students helped me discern which box was most likely to hold the coveted winged pig toy. (It worked!) (What winged pig toy you ask? I can't recall the name, and I threw the box out. Smart!)
I managed to get the trench coat I really wanted out of one of the clothes blind boxes. (Yes!!)
I finally picked up a Sonny Angel figure, too. I got the giraffe.
And to top it all off, the little orange night stands were half off. Score!
Okay, this is the part where I tell you that the lighting in our house has been weird because of the weather, and I don't yet have a photo of the Re-Ment goodies.
Best post ever!

Oh, right. And we did see 20th Century Boys, which was the whole point of driving to San Francisco in the first place. It was really good! If you're in the city, or near enough, you should totally go! Support this neat little theater.
The end.


Birdy said...

The photoposts on the lolita forums from the day New People opened were insane! Frills everywhere! I'm jealous that California get everything good first.

Absolutely Small said...

I saw some of those on Flickr. Crazy! We even saw a few Lolita girls in J-Town that day.


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