Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Monday! Er...Tuesday?

Well, that was a semi-unexpected blog break. Since everyone had the extended weekend off, we invited my whole family to our new house for FOUR WHOLE DAYS. OF FUN. (It actually was really fun.)
Now I find myself trying to wiggle back into a normalish routine of work.
My thoughts are very scattered, especially as I am at that most rare of situations: NO PENDING DEADLINES. No deadlines? No work that has to be somewhere a week ago? Really? Now what??
So, here for your perusal are the bullet points in my mind that can't be strung into a coherent blog post.

* Too much garbage. The weekend's garbage wouldn't all fit in one can, so now we have a very ripe hefty bag in the garage. It smells like something big died in there.

* Oh my gosh THE LAUNDRY!

* Side note: where are all these flies coming from?

* My cousins and I made some videos this weekend which I am not allowed to show you. But one of them had this song as the background music. It was AWESOME.

* Gin & tonics are so wonderfully refreshing. Why don't we drink these all the time?

* I have had that song from that episode of Firefly where Jayne is a folk hero stuck in my head ALL DAY. I mentioned it on Twitter once, and it's not letting me forget.

* Hey! I can relate to this comic.

* I started reading The Secret to see what the deal was. Apparently, I created the universe. Sorry about that, Middle East! My bad.


fookaDESIGNS said...

sounds like you had a fun time off. it's always so hard to get back in a routine. good luck! :)

paintingpam said...

Families are a lot of fun. Glad you had time together!

Art Kitten said...

That is my favorite Firefly episode, and now I have the song in my head.


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