Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Bathroom of Natural History

Like many homes built in the early 90's, we have a tiny, dark windowless hole in our house known as a hall bathroom.
Here's how it looked when we bought it, ugly shower curtain and all:
Hall bath
Yeaaah. That had to change. what?
I remember it clearly: I was driving home one evening, and thinking about the new house. It suddenly struck me that our tiny dark hall bath could be transformed into a natural history museum in miniature. The details all fell into place quickly. Even more exciting, we kept finding things the old lady had left behind that could be used as exhibits.
So, without any further ado, let me take you on a tour of The Bathroom of Natural History.
Every museum needs a sign. We have one, too:

Come on in!

On the vanity, we have a live exhibit. Fancy goldfish! Sciency.

Scroll your eyes upward, and behold one of the many things left behind: a real deer antler.
Dead! Real! Bugs!

A display shelf with various fancy polished rocks, and the world's largest (?) dandelion.

Open the medicine cabinet for more exhibits...

There's still so much I want to do with this room. But first, I am going to need a lot more exhibits. And labels. Lots and lots of labels.


Moon's Creations said...

You are such an amazing inspiration! I too own a dark hole of a hall bathroom.

ocasiocasa said...

What a cool bathroom! Well done; I love your use of the medicine cabinet :)

debi said...

Good job! always fun to see how people decorate! I am here from etsy forum, by the way. debi

Absolutely Small said...

Thank you for the sweet comments, everyone!

Alicia Istanbul said...

Hey, much better! Love the ceiling

Kerry said...

I think it's one of the most fun bathrooms ever! Especially the world's largest dandelion.

Swirlyarts said...

This is fabulous :)


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