Monday, November 9, 2009

What have you been working on?

Most of last week was taken up by getting creatures ready for Craftland, and by having a cold. (Now there's a fun combination.)
But I still have a few new creations to show!
There's the new little red riding hood for the Blythes:

and a new Chickenpants baby named Starry Eyed Slim:

(so tall & skinny!)

and although most of these guys are heading to Craftland, I managed to save one or two for the shop:

But one of my very favorite things to happen this week wasn't my creation at all:

It was some very thoughtful fan mail! I was sent all these tiny chickens by a very thoughtful girl. I am so bowled over by this that it's still really hard to find words. How does thank you, thank you, thank you sound? I have decided that fan mail is my new favorite thing.

Stay tuned...I have a feeling there will be some really wonderful new creatures to share with you soon. (And, if you're not already on the mailing list, you *might* want to get on there...I have another feeling, which is that I'll be sending a message out soon with a very nice exclusive code indeed.)


Julie said...

Love the little white puffy one! Oh and the chickens. :)

Kerry said...

The chickens are too funny! I also love the little puffy woodland creatures in the first photo!


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