Friday, November 20, 2009

Inspiration Friday

I'm typiingthis with a pug who insists on resting his chin either on my hand or my keyboard. SO in other words, HTML just got really hard. If there are broken links, you can just yell "BUSTER!!!1" because that's what I do.
Annnd onto the awesome:
Loving this week:

Originally uploaded by timssally

♡ Really cute paintings from Timsally on Flickr.

♣ Here's a cool tutorial on how to make landscape photos look like train sets:
SO cool!

♤ Loving Angry Chicken lately. It is not alas, about angry chickens.
Very cool article with a link for making those cursive writing practice sheets. Remember those, from school? Turns out you could choose to have fun with them.

Hats for Ruby! Ruby is a very sweet pug with a very expensive eye condition. Her human is making these awesome Blythe hats to help defray the cost. Hop on over there! Get an awesome hat, support an awesome pug.
(photo by Cruelsound, of course!)

Little Brass Bird is an animated internet tv series that features handmade plushies. So cute!

♥ The lovely Beeper Bebe has downloadable vintage french paper dolls.

Two very funny posts over on Fussy:
One about her tortoise, Peanut
and one about bunnies!

(and don't forget to enter the chickenpants baby contest!)

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