Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One expensive week.

The week started out beyond awesome. Dan said he'd pay for half of a new Blythe (I'd been majorly jonesing). Woot! And thusly I ordered a Punkaholic People. Yay!

A day or so passed with dancing and rejoicing, etc. Then I noticed Topanga was limping a little. Upon closer inspection, she wasn't just limping. She was bleeding from the toe (OUCH), AND her lady parts were all red and swollen and horrifying. The scooting. Oh, the scooting! Poor dog!
An unexpected expensive vet visit followed this discovery.

Anyway, Topanga's back with pills, ointments, and a very infected ear. (An ear infection? Just for the heck of it, apparently.)
Anyway, how are you? Seen any good vets lately?


Krissi said...

What is it with dogs getting sick around Christmas with unrelated maladies? On a related note, what happened with her toe and lady parts?

Absolutely Small said...

Dogs do have a great sense of financial timing, don't they?
She tore her toenail chasing after deer! Ack! It required wraps and a serious nail trim, but she's got a perfectly healthy foot now. Crazy pooch. They never figured out what caused the rash, but the ointment worked wonders. She's now back to her neurotic, bouncy self. Hooray! ^-^


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