Monday, August 24, 2009

Collecting specimens for the Bathroom of Natural History begins!

I went a little nuts with an unexpected check today, and acquired the first of hopefully many specimens for the Bathroom of Natural History. Have I mentioned this project yet? No? Well, here's the scoop:
Take a human who loves natural history museums more than art galleries. Take a boring hall bathroom. Paint the walls a museum-y green, and the ceiling deep blue. Condense a natural history museum into it.
Ever since I had the idea a few weeks ago, I've been keeping my eyes open for possible exhibits. So far I've found some great cut & polished rocks, a small antler, and letters for the door.
And then, today, we had our first insect acquisitions:

That's a moth! A MOTH! Can you even believe it?

The listing called this bug "METALLIC RASPBERRY PISTACHIO GREEN POLKA DOTS". How was I supposed to resist that?
And finally, the piece de resistance:

A cicada! Oh, how I love cicadas. We don't have them in California, to my eternal disappointment. Well, now we do, I guess!
(all photos by Real Butterfly Gifts. Which is a great little shop, if you're in the bug buying business.)
I have such plans for this tiny room. Since it's a guest bathroom, it won't actually be used a ton, so I figure we've got some display wiggle room, and far less humidity than the average bathroom.
Tiny fish tank...add a dash of taxidermy...constellations on the ceiling...maybe some pressed plants...fossils?...little tags labeling everything...
(And I should mention that like any museum, we are accepting your kind donations. Heh. Because that's what museums do!)
Expect more photos in the near future. We're moving in this Sunday!


Felicia said...

LOL I love it! I want to sees some skeletons in that bathroom :)

Kerry said...

You know, I thought you were talking about finding strange dead things in the bathroom! LOL Well better to have then be beautiful and framed rather than crusty and dusty! :) Happy moving in day soon!


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