Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So, we're buying a house.

Facts about this transaction:
  • Escrow closes on the 31st. Unless something goes horribly wrong.

  • I am nervous that this is going to fall apart, hence I think blogging about it is probably a bad idea. No more details till escrow closes! Wait, do you capitalize escrow? ESCROW!

  • Yeah, this is the first house we've ever bought.

  • The house is currently owned by a little old lady. With a hoarding problem. The house is packed floor to ceiling, garage to living room to weird storage room under the house. You have no idea how much I wish I had taken photos of the chaos.

  • It is quite the fixer upper.

  • A woodpecker has a personal vendetta against the siding of the house.

  • Photos will be forthcoming as soon as it's not rude to take them. Pointing and laughing will follow.

  • Did I mention how I am nervous that this somehow won't work out? And that if it doesn't, it will totally be because I told people about it before the close of escrow? Is there a rule about that? Nervous.


susarto said...

oh!!! claire!!!! it will all be ok! everything works out...though it is sooooo stressful!!!!

we bought our house from a little old lady as well.(i won't even tell you what we found in it...well, not publicly anyway ;) ) i thought it was going to be ME who found the house and said "this is the house!" but it was my husband who said it, and i nearly died when he did.

so much work!!! but now it is all ours, and our fingerprints all over it :D

hoping everything goes smoothly for you!!! and try not to worry too much, even though that's nearly impossible!!!!
all the best!!!

TotusMel said...

Doing the exact same thing right now. Our escrow is to close the end of the month too...afraid it will fall apart, ours is a short sale, not a little old lady though and I don't think there are any bird vendettas about. Good luck with yours!

moxiecupcake said...

Good luck! Buying a house is so stressful. We got ours a year ago and it was a horribly tense month waiting for the sale to go through. I feel your pain. :)


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