Tuesday, March 10, 2009

peep, peep

little bleats from absolutely small
  • 08:29 I had this dream that I had a terrible headache...when I woke up, it came true!! I am magic!
  • 09:22 Chickenspotting! RT @guykawasaki Chicken Lays Bowling Pin-Shaped Egg tweet.alltop.com/5py9
  • 09:37 Here's my attempt to get noticed by #cheaptweet : Creature sale - two sweet plushies of your choosing for just $20. is.gd/mybA
  • 09:38 Good grief I get spammy when I'm headachey.
  • 09:51 Yes! It worked. Vote for my find on Cheap Tweet. cheaptweet.com/t/lim7j6 Not really sure what that'll do, but let's do it!
  • 10:04 OH my goodness the time change has just kicked my butt. I need to go attempt to sew now.
  • 12:03 Pondering going to see Dooce on her book tour. This would involve a 2+ hour drive each way. Is that nuts?
  • 12:16 twitpic.com/1ym4g - It is clementime.
  • 17:26 Thanks everyone for the pug/clementine love!
  • 17:32 Back to the CP Baby mines. I've been making babies all day. Er, so to speak. On to step 7 (stuffing).
  • 19:14 Eee! New Leslie Hall video: Craft Talk: is.gd/mDwe
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Felicia said...

Hey chickie! Drop by my blog for a super plush time :)


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