Thursday, February 12, 2009

peep, peep

little bleats from absolutely small
  • 15:02 Feels like my cold is coming back for an encore presentation. Oh joy.
  • 16:24 Working on the weekly shop update. Then, the grand adventure that is trying to cut up a butternut squash. Think sharp thoughts for me.
  • 18:28 Whoo. Well, got the exiting guys marked down. Now onto the newbies!
  • 19:51 I think this may be the most shell shocked looking thing I've ever made:
  • 20:19 Looking for places to advertise on with Project Wonderful. Ho-hum. Any of you have PW boxes on your sites?
  • 08:18 Eee! Baz Biz will be at Maker Faire again! Can.not.wait! (Fingers crossed they let me in again!)
  • 08:43 Today's event in the Bad Dog Olympics: Coffee Table Standing! Up next: Synchronized Peeing!
  • 09:12 Help the Victoria Bushfire victims, get cool stuff: Ahh, shopping for a good cause!
  • 09:46 I should be doing the books, but instead I'm dreaming up sticker designs. Waaay more fun than data entry!
  • 11:36 Whoo! Just placed a huge order for some very exciting goodies. (Not for playing with this time, but for AbSmall.)
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