Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's ON!

OK, it may be late on Wednesday, but it's still technically Wednesday in some parts of the world, so here it is, the weekly shop update. And this one's a dilly. (Is that an expression? A dilly? I think I heard it on a MST3K episode once. But I digress.)
Announcing the Absolutely Small Creature Closeout!
All the Poppets, Wee Goats, Lambs and Buns are now on sale. Where once they were $18, now they are but $11! Apparently, I have been watching too much tv with ren-fair-type themes! Huzzah!
Seriously though: as much as I adore the Poppets, Wee Lambs, Goats & Buns, it is just time to make some space for what's to come next. (In my studio and in my mind.) As of NOW, I have officially retired their designs. Snatch 'em up while you still can!

Conveniently enough, they're all in the new Creature Closeout section of the shop.
(And remember: Shipping on the first item is $5, and then only .50 for each additional. That's almost free. Huzzah!)
I still have some on my desk, waiting patiently for their moment in the sun/photo box thing. (Including one pink Wee Bun who you simply have to see!) Expect to see a few new Poppets/WGs/WBs soon-ish!

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