Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I can't find my notes

But I made a whole bunch of them! Just for you! Great stuff! About...fresh starts! And getting organized! (Which clearly, I am not. But whooo boy, I got yer fresh starts right here!)
I like to take things that might make me sad or insane and use them as a sort of diving board for fresh clean starts. We've had good shakeups over here lately- the little brother moving out, getting a new dog, eating too much cheese and cup cakes.
For instance: the little brother moves out, taking his mad baking skills with him. This means no more playing games in the afternoon, no more fresh bread and other goodies, and of course, just generally missing his company. This also means that his room and bathroom are now EMPTY and fair game. Yay!
I haven't really been able to work creatively or otherwise since we moved to this tiny place. My studio was way too cramped. The fresh start is taking over his room as the new studio! And converting the old studio into an office. Ahhhh, space! How I've missed you!
Of course, this isn't anywhere near done yet, and all this moving stuff around is the reason I can't find my notes.
This is a long winded way of saying that every fresh start is built from chaos. Embrace it, roll around in it, and keep moving forward.

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