Wednesday, January 7, 2009

peep, peep

little bleats from absolutely small
  • 09:07 Better than real French macarons? Well, sort of...
  • 10:08 Is it a good thing or a shame that I didn't know about this place when I lived in the country?
  • 11:49 Is it just me, or is twitter freaking out today?
  • 12:39 Feeling the pull of Michael's very, very strongly today. Must resist! But how much could one little crochet needle cost, anyway...?
  • 14:49 It's 50 degrees and sunny out, and people are running around like coats went out of style. Note to bare arm man in front of me: they didn't
  • 17:04 Making dough...lots of it! (For calzones. Alas, not money.)
  • 21:02 Snagged a treasury!
  • 21:06 Trying to teach myself to crochet. IS. NOT. GOING. WELL. Single crochet AGGHH! *tangled yarn everywhere*
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