Tuesday, December 23, 2008

peep, peep

little bleats from absolutely small
  • 11:08 There's a big squirrel demolishing my bird feeder and HE IS NOT AFRAID OF ME. I've run out of things to throw at him. He wins.
  • 11:28 What is with all these people who add you, auto DM you, and then unfollow you in 24 hours?
  • 12:28 Is there a reason why Blogger is refusing to upload any photos? Or is it just out of spite?
  • 13:36 There are pigeons fighting on my porch! First that darn squirrel, now this. Ah, the life of a shut in.
  • 16:02 Yay! InvisibleFountain put me in a treasury! tinyurl.com/7gzpeg Nice!
  • 16:03 Two blog posts in one day? Someone's procrastinating doing real work... (me) tinyurl.com/3zooga
  • 16:29 I did the only practical thing I could with that squirrel. Photograph it. www.flickr.com/photos/smallchick/
  • 20:38 Yay! Posted another James Kochalka live song: blip.tv/file/1604858
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