Tuesday, December 23, 2008

James Kochalka singing at GR2

Finally, finally, finally, I've gotten around to posting these little clips.
They're all up on my Blip.tv channel (http://chickenpants.blip.tv/) right now. And here's one of my favorites:

Dragon Puncher!
(YouTube is being quite poo at the moment and taking forever to upload. So they're not all there yet. And at this rate, may never be!)
*also, did you know you can subscribe to chickenpants videos in itunes? well, you can! http://chickenpants.blip.tv/rss/itunes

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The Mincing Mockingbird said...

I bought one of the pieces from this show! I was so jazzed. It was my Christmas gift to myself. Wanted to go see the show, but alas, it was too far and Etsy was too crazy.

Hope all is well! The Chickenpants went over like gangbusters!


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