Thursday, November 20, 2008

In lieu of a whole Felt Club recap

Which is quite, quite over due, may I share with you this fantastic photo taken by the lovely Sweater Surgery?

She put up a nice little post mentioning us, too.
Speaking of awesome:
Check it out!

The Queen of Gem Sweaters & Ab Small Plushies
Originally uploaded by absolutely small

Here's the utterly amazing Leslie Hall holding two Absolutely Small plushies! Not only was she great live, she was really, really nice. (And liked my work. Whoa!)
This photo actually isn't at Felt Club at all. It was taken at GR2 the night before.

James Kochalka, Claire Chambers, and G. Pete Chickenpants
Originally uploaded by absolutely small

It's James Kochalka, me, and G.Pete Chickenpants.
So, there's the highlights, chickadees. All the rest of the photos are up on Flickr now, but I have yet to upload the videos anywhere. (Singing and dancing, y'all.)

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