Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What a Wednesday!

I should probably wait on this, but it just didn't feel right heading off to a show (actually, two this weekend) without mentioning the May Chickenpants Limited...and a little something extra.
Ok, so first off- the Chickenpants Limited for May 2008 is called "Chocolat De Chickenpants". You may recognize it as one of the Chickenpants in France series.
I really adore this photograph.

One is in the shop right now, but there are the usual 30 available. Actually, no wait, 29. Never mind.
Also: here is something a bit odd. I printed two different shots from the Kitchen Adventure shoot. One of them wound up being "To The Moon" and the other one wound up on a shelf, after some went out in The Sampler. It got scooped in with the rest, and some of them sold at various shows, and long story short: there are only five of these left. And I really love them. But, there aren't enough of them left to be a whole month anymore- so we're going to call it an alternate. Thus:
"Lending A Spoon"- the Chickenpants Limited Spring 2008 alternate.

I've listed one in the shop today, but if it should disappear or you'd like more than one, feel free to contact me by leaving a message here or on Etsy or anywhere, really. (Can't list my email address any more, alas. I receive over 300 pieces of spam a day, no exaggeration!)


Karma by Morgan said...

I love how you photograph your little chickens with pants on. That is so cute! I love that they go on an adventure


oh my God! the ones in the mixer are killing me - FANTASTIC!

Anonymous said...

precious, just precious!

BabyLyons said...

You know I love the chickenpants!

able mabel said...

Love it, love it, love it! This is the first time I've come across your store/blog! Your chickenpants are darling!! My two year old walked in and started laughing when he saw the KitchenAid picture!!!

Lisa said...

Love "Lendin A Spoon"! Will you have any at the show this weekend? I was lucky enough to get a little chickenpants in my April Sampler and love him (so do my children)! I'll be making a stop at your booth this weekend!

Jen said...

haha! fantastic!


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