Friday, February 8, 2008


Here's a new little creature:

Every so often comes a creature from the Absolutely Small labs that is so pure, so innocent, so tooth-achingly cute, that they eschew all formal given names and instead take on endearments, and at the same time they form tremendous run on sentences, for the artist simply cannot bring herself to end this indulgent sentence. There we go.
This is one of those creatures.
It's name: Oh Sweetie.
It's in the shop, gathering awesomeness as we speak.
In other sweet news, Absolutely Small was mentioned on both Cuteable(today) and Softies Central(yesterday).
And in other, other sweet news- it hasn't rained all week! And the sunlight is infecting my heart. (In a good way!) So I bought my very first tree ever! It's a peach tree, and I have named it Willy-Nilly. ('cause that's the way I bought it.) Oh, false spring- I fall for you every year, willy-nilly, head over heels.
Have a great, and hopefully sunny, weekend, everyone!


Sewlutions' World said...

Very adorable! Congrats on your Etsy anniversary.

Michele Maule said...

So sweet and absolutely the cutest little thing ever!!

High Desert Diva said...

he is a sweetie!

Hello Crafty said...

SO cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I love him oops or her. :-) check out


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