Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Drawing, drawing, drawing. Drawing. Draaaawing...

If I had more time to draw, I would love to make comics. Not superhero comics, but comics that deal with the little things in life. And probably, they would star chickens. Here's a few pages from my sketchbook- I know they're just about impossible to see, but if you click on them, they get larger, and then they are almost possible to see.

Special thanks to Dan for saying "Families love cake". He's always saying things that strike me as funny in a dada-ist sense. Another classic Dan random expression: "I remember no bears."
Oh, right: so- I'm trying to draw a lot more. I now actually have the time, I just have to give it to myself.
A new obstacle to drawing: a certain little brother happens to have left a giant keyboard on my kitchen table. And it can make drumrolls and other fabulous sound effects.

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