Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I just gotta...Bark!

Rearranging the lyrics of songs and inserting "pug" and other pug related terms is kind of a shared mental illness in my family. Lo and behold- I managed to marry a man who shared the same defect! That's love for you- shared mental illnesses. Aw.
What brought on this embarrasing little blog post? Photos of French Bulldog puppies sprawled on their backs? Or was it this pretty black pug? (Variation= Pug in a tangerine hat!)
Maybe it's some of the great things I've been seeing on Etsy- like this awesome paper sculpture of a terrier. Or perhaps it's the wicked awesome pug stencil painting. Maybe I just have a thing for Boston Terriers with massive underbites. Hmmm...hard to say for sure. It may just be a combination of bad Musak and all of these things. Definitely, bad Musak crept into the mix.

Pug in the snow
Originally uploaded by absolutely small

"The world ain't right without you, pug."


Blaze said...

Oh PUGs!! So cute! Have you read Eloise before?? The little girl who lives in the Plaza with her pug? It's so wonderful! If you haven't, you should look it up!

Claire said...

Yes!! Those books are just darling. I even watched the live action movie, just to get a glimpse of the pug. I'm definitely a little pug obsessed.


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