Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Brave New

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I've been putting off writing a post because I have too many ideas. Once I start tackling one, another one crashes into it.
Oh well.
I'm looking forward to this year- I think it's going to be a really good one! I have some good things in the works, and it looks like there are some decently large changes around the bend. I do love big change.
Looking back at this year, I think: Hey, alright! I started a business. I tried a lot of new things. I started to really hone my creative voice.
Of course, I can also point to a lot of things I did wrong and would certainly like to change.
*insert a shrug here*
That's how we grow.
I hope you're all in a satisfied state, and looking forward hopefully. I keep thinking of this expression I hear in Japanese movies: "Ganbaru kudasai". It means "Please do your best!", and it gets applied to a lot of different situations, generally mundane. But the sentiment is so nice- so please, do your best. I will, too.


Amy C Evans said...

Happy New Year, Miss Claire! I will, indeed, do my best in 2008. Thanks for the kick in the pants ;) Keep those Chickenpants comin'! Cheers from Mississippi, Amy

melissa@yummygoods said...

ooh, that's a good one. Please do your best. Nice.


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