Friday, December 28, 2007

Snow! Snowing! Snowed!

That's right: last night it snowed!
***click on the photos to see them larger- i know they're tiny beyond reason! ok, back to the post and normal capitalisation***

Pug in the Snow
Originally uploaded by absolutely small

Oh, my gosh, I love snow. It fills me with some kind of fantastic energy. Even though it was just a little snow, I could barely sleep last night on account of all the SNOW!
I may hate winter, but I do love snow. Yes, it is all so very complicated in this head of mine.

Chickenpants in the Snow
Originally uploaded by absolutely small

Even Chickenpants like snow! I love having Pauline around as a narrator for my photos. Dan even picked out a Chickenpants of his very own:


snow update: In the morning, it was almost all gone. Oh, the sadness. But! More is scheduled to fall tonight/tommorow. Joy!

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zeldaloo said...

I feel the exact same way abut snow! It's so nice to know i am not the only crazy out in the world who has a love/hate thing with snow and winter.


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