Thursday, December 20, 2007

What's more fun than working on a business plan?

Making Etsy treasuries, that's what.
Have a peek- it's titled "Ugly Babies".
It's really neat.
How are you? How's the weather over there? Really.
Ok, fine, I'll get back to work now.
Oh, but first: in other news, you can see my incredibly messy studio and my attempts at organizing it on my flickr stream right now.
Also, a custom "Absolutely Small" stamp that Terbear Collectables made for me is shown in one of her listings as an example. It's pretty nifty! Anything made by someone who makes a "We need more cowbell!" stamp is good by me.
Ok, fine, fine, I'm getting back to work now. Or at least getting back to trying to balance a pencil between my upper lip and nose while staring at a blank page.

1 comment:

Blaze said...

Just wanted to drop in and say,

"Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas Holiday!" :)


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