Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Um...a list! For you!

I am having a horrible time writing today’s blog post. Not because of a lack of ideas, but instead, too many ideas. I am very panicked about not having enough time, and the panic leads me to running around like a headless chicken, leaving a trail of unfinished projects in my wake.
Here are some things I would like to write about (but for various reasons, won’t go into any of them):
1. The new Maira Kalman book.
2. Trouble. Verbalizing. Stuff.
3. Art and Craft and the gulf between? Or maybe there is no gulf? They’re different, though. Those two.
4. Goats!
5. Black. Yellow. White. Together! Wow!
6. Winter. Bleaghss.
7. New buttons.
8. The Cute Manifesto by James Kochalka
9. I think I forgot how to paint.
10. Mystery lumps on the dog, keep on a’lumpin.
11. Trying to sign up for Japanese classes online.
12. Fast soups.
13. Chickenpants photo shoot!
14. Play, importance of.
15. Shall I go on?
16. No, really. Time panicking!
17. More fun than writing actual content, this.
18. Yoda, speak like, you will
19. Now it’s just getting silly.
20.Here is a photo:

Daily Photo 12.17.07
Originally uploaded by absolutely small

Ok, that’s enough. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I do believe I have some aimless running around to do.


Lori Anderson Designs said...

Art versus craft would be a good blog topic!

mushroommeadows said...

hehehe Those are all such interesting topics. :) Chickenpans photo shoot? Fast soups? Hm...New buttons? Those all sound fun!


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