Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lumps of Mystery

Time for another freak-out visit to the vet! Topanga has developed some sort of hard lump in her right hip. It's utterly confounded the vet. "It's not like a regular tumor- those don't usually hurt." Ergh. I'm trying to not freak out too much, but that is hard. "IT IS PROBABLY NOTHING." That is what the rational part of my brain is saying, very loudly. Loudly doesn't mean authoritatively, though.
Some thrilling life I lead, huh?
Er, what I meant to say was: after my day job of super top secret espionage, writing, painting, and sewing, I went hunting for some elves. I caught a pixie instead, and what a headache that was! Then I ate an entire pie, and saved an entire burrow of bunnies from ravenous wolves.
Well, at least the pie part is accurate. Sort of.


Kari said...

love her little heart. i hope everything's gonna be okay. pugs are mysterious and lumpy enough as it is.

Felicia said...

LOL Oh dear! What an adventurous life of intrigue!

Get a second opinion from a different vet. Ask many, many questions. Get tests done. Vets can be dopey sometimes. I'm sending positive thoughts you way!

Lauri said...

Poor puppy! Maybe is something like 'goose egg'...they do hurt, but it takes a while for them to go away. My poor little dog has a bad habit of standing right at my feet, and is constantly getting stepped on or kind of kicked--totally NOT on purpose! Did anything like that happen that you can remember?

Maybe I'd better just quit wearing shoes in the house!

Your post also reminds me...my daughter made a chocolate chip cheesecake that is sitting in my fridge right now...


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