Friday, November 30, 2007

Wips and Finks

Daily Photo 11.28.07
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I have so many half finished projects on my desk right now. Which is actually how I like it. I like being able to dive in and start working without having to think something up first. I always think up more to work on once I get started working, so you see how this works.
The Wips above are a couple of Aranzai Aronzo softies for my nieces. They saw them on the cover of CRAFT last time they visited and seemed to like them very much. I highly doubt they'll remember them, but hopefully they'll like them. Underneath is a pile of Poppets, yet to be popped full of polyfill.
Those are the Wips, now on to the Finks:

Finks is the sort of creature who inhabits a woodland glade populated by talking squirrels and unicorns. You'd catch just a glimpse of her, peeking around the trunk of a cotton candy tree, and then she'd steal your backpack.

But it's ok, because you would find your backpack later. Except all the candy bars would be eaten. And she would laugh at you. And you'd be peeved, and throw a stick, but you'd miss. Then you might feel a little bad about throwing a stick at a creature. She'd still be laughing at you, though.

Catch her if you can!

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