Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hard to Get...

I had no idea that Nintendo Wiis were still so impossible to find! In the past few days we've gone to approximately one billion different stores and websites, looking, asking, being disappointed. It looks like everyone will be holding on to their stock until Friday, when all hell will break loose. Ughhh...I really don't want to go and deal with any of that stuff. I detest crowds, and standing in lines to buy luxury goods- it gives you that nasty 20 minutes to think, wait, what am I doing here?
In other news, I've finally turned my attention back to this little softie. He was entered into the first Softie awards, and he's one of the first plushies I ever uploaded to my site. I had been clinging onto him, letting him waste away on a back shelf, waiting for a plush show in particular. I finally realized that it doesn't have to be that way and hanging out on dark shelves all by yourself is just so wrong! So now he's mingling with the other softies, no longer segregated. I'm thinking of listing him in the shop this week. Somehow I'm really, really attached to this little guy. I kind of don't want to let him go. That's what I get for anthropomorphizing everything.


Blaze said...

Heehee! What a little cutie! I love the fuzzy face! He is just asking for lots of hugs, isn't he?!

femputer said...

It's sure hard not to feel for a plush! They're so cute. Especially your chickens!


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