Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bluebones and...

Bluebones - handmade winged creature
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nothing else to share this morning. Why not? Lack of time? Well, not really, no.
It *may* have something to do with the Game Cube finally being fixed and a rediscovered joy in playing the new Legend of Zelda game.
It *may* also have something to do with reading this old post on Seth Godin's blog. That had a way of clamping down on my ability to write anything.('re not supposed to write about your cat on a blog? Huh. All these rules! {*5 year old self* "I'm breaking the rules! Noooooo!"})
But, anyway: Bluebones!
Why the name Bluebones? Because the armature of the wings was made with blue pipe cleaners (the better to slightly be able to see them with). I then detailed the wings in a little bit of blue for some detail.
Bluebones is sporting a little blue button collar. It's kind of tricky to photograph, on account of his super fluffy head. The collar is made from two different colors of baker's twine.
The wings were sewn on machine freehand, so they're each unique. I left the edges of the wings and tail exposed and untreated, so they'll have a nice soft frayed look to them.
More photos start here.
Also, he happens to be in the shop.

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Amy C Evans said...

what is mr. bluebones so sad about? still, he's awfully cute.


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