Monday, October 1, 2007

Announcing: The First Plush Team Contest Ever!

How would you like to win these amazing goodies?
I happen to have them here at my house, and let me tell you- parting with them will be tricky. They're all sorts of cute and awesome.
How do you win these cuties? Simple- visit the Plush Team Blog where all the details are spelled out for you. I'd respell them, but I'm lousy at spelling. I will say that the contest is a combination treasure hunt and word scramble, and a lot of fun. Also, it begins TODAY, October 1st, and it ends October 8th at midnight. So what are you waiting for?
The official Plush Team Blog has all the information you need, including the treasure hunt list of which shops to hit to find the letters. Right here!
(Hint: one of the letters is in my shop, making friends with a chick. That narrows it down, doesn't it?)

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