Friday, September 21, 2007

Random statements I feel compelled to make

Again with the baby softies!
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I can only smell out of one nostril and it’s driving me nuts.

I sprayed a sample of ‘Usher’ Cologne onto Topanga, just to see what it would smell like. Now she smells like an over cologned teenage boy.

No one at work understands my Tokidoki bag. I am so pleased!

I am freaking out over my lack of artistic abilities. I am flailing and directionless!

I am not ready for summer to end. I have squandered the summer! Woe!

Going without coffee midweek is going really well.

Wait...why did I decide I wanted to go without coffee midweek again?

1 comment:

Amy C Evans said...

regadring number 4: whatever! and if you really are feeling that way, know that it will never go away, which is a good thing; it means you know you have room to grow and learn.


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