Thursday, September 20, 2007

Part of The Absolutely Small Winter '07 Line

Part of the Absolutely Small Winter 07 line
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Introducing: some new softies! In wintry colors!
The big tan fella in the back is a Snow Monster. (Abominable? Nah.)
The large grey cutie is a Koala Tracksuit. (Koala in a Tracksuit...with ears on the hood. I have a jacket with ears on the hood too, and it is wonderful. Everyone should have one.)
The two twins there are designed with babies in mind.One piece! Legs to chew on! No chokeable parts! And they are in cashmere and super poodley fleece.
And last but not least, the tiny pink kitty. Bright green eyes, bright flannel body. Ready to rock!

As always, many more photos avaliable on Flickr! (To go straight to the softies, click here.)

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