Friday, May 18, 2007

Sometimes we wonder what we're doing living in this area...

I live in a rural area, which means I constantly see weird things. I used to think you would only see neat things if you lived in a city, but as I got older my eyes have become more and more open.
Case in point: Ratty, ratty road. Ratty, ratty house. In front of the ratty, ratty house, right next to the road, a two drawer filing cabinet. Painted in blood read on one side: CHICK KILLER! On the other side SLOW DOWN 25. Crowning the file cabinet is what appears to be a squashed baby chick.
We drive by this thing several times a week. The chick has been removed but the file cabinet remains. With every drive by, more wondering: "If you care so much about your chickens, how about you fence off an area for them instead of letting them free range it on a main road?" "Was it really a dead chick?" "Chickkiller25 would make an excellent screen name." "Or a name for a band."
It's things like this that keep chickens in my art- they're simply impossible to ignore.


Lauri said...

That is an EXCELLENT name for a band!

And your little chickie is cute!

Ana Banana said...

hahaha...that is a funny story! Chick killer! First time I heard of that one...I guess anything goes in the country, too! Thanks for your lovely comment. You have very cute and fun work!

Felicia said...

Things do seem to be done a little differently in the rural south than in other places. I've seen some mighty strange things myself in similar yards.


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