Thursday, May 17, 2007

He was only 5 foot 3 but girls could not resist his stare...

Nobody Knows
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Every day, about five minutes after we feed her, Topanga makes a particular whine. If the whine isn't heeded, it turns into an excited yip. Valuable kibble has lodged itself behind her bowl, just out of tongue's reach. This is an emergency! A travesty! Torture!
I can particularly empathise with her today- I have not one, but FIVE unfinished paintings on my desk. And my next day to work on them is MONDAY- so far away! This is an emergency! A travesty! Torture!
Speaking of torture, I just finished watching Les Mysteries Picasso. The premise is fascinating- Watch Picasso paint! Watch as paintings magically appear before your very eyes! What is he thinking? It is a MYSTERY. Picasso!
Yeah. The painting bits are fascinating, does drag on. It has the soundtrack of a 1950's B movie. Combine that with dramatic lighting and watching a painting go from beginning to great! to ruined, over and over and over again. It was less of a mystery and less fascinating that I had hoped. What could possibly go wrong? Picasso paints! Come on, that is great stuff.
Maybe I'm just ruined by watching too many shows where things happen. Watching programs where they progress from beginning to good to ruined!

*best part of having this film in the house: a reason to run around saying "I am Pica-sssssoooooooo! I cut off my ear in a freak shaving accident. Then mailed it off to an ex girlfriend, just for laughs. And oh yeah, I guess I paint too."
*From Home Movies- that really good episode with Starboy and The Captain of Outer Space where they have to defeat hysterically inaccurate historical figures (Evil George Washington, Annie Oakley, Picasso) who want to destroy the human race. Rent it, people.

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