Friday, April 20, 2007

The Sammys are here!

New today in the shop. The one pictured above is my favorite. (Poor Leno)
Each one comes with it's own purse, and every bit is handmade. They're not bears, or dogs, or any other sort of easily recognizable creature- they're Sammys! It's my own design, and I am just a wee bit in love with them. Each Sammy is different from each other one- making each one of them one of a kind.
Check them out!
A shop has been set up on Etsy to help out Alison of WonderlandQ- she faced a medical emergency, and, being a crafter, found herself without health insurance, so you know what that means.
All kinds of really wonderful things have been put up, and all the procceeds go to helping her out of this predicament. In other words, here's your chance to snag some awesome goodies AND feel good, doing something nice for someone. How often do you get to do that?
The shop is here.
And this little fellow is still up for grabs...


t. miyashiro said...

so adorable!!

Felicia said...

Leno is pretty cute!


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