Friday, April 27, 2007

I remember a time before the plants grew- today's fox painting, this weeks' Illustration Friday

I remember a time before the plants grew
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I’ve been very active dreaming lately. Usually when I wake up, I remember only a tantalizingly little bit, or just a feeling. This painting sprung out of one of the more well remembered dreams of late. Then I translated it into ‘fox’. The fox paintings are making me so happy these days, people. Possibility! It’s like finding a new series of books that you never knew existed, with no visible end in sight, and instead of making you weary, it’s just exciting.
The 2 fox shrug that I bought hangs in my closet, little legs dangling. It’s too hot to wear it. Everyday, after I change my clothes, I take one little leg and pet it. I examine the little paw. I push my face into the soft fur of the belly, the silk ribbon that holds human arms in place, and breathe deep. I love this thing.
Hence the foxes have sauntered into my paintings, taking their rightful place front and center. Almost like the shrug has stuck a deal with me: “Sure, we’ll hang in your closet, but you’re going to have to tell our stories.”
Seems fair.

Parting shot and smartest quote I've head lately:
"we all do no end of feeling, and we mistake it for thinking." - mark twain


Felicia said...

Lovely painting!

Emily said...

Very charming!

imwithsully said...

This is wonderful. I especially like the story. If I had a fox shrug in my closet, I would probably do the same thing.

Alina Chau said...


arvindh said...

love the orange of the fox!


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