Monday, March 12, 2007

When I buy a chandelier, this will be it.

The artist Yaya Chou brings you theGummi Bear Chandelier!!!! Part of a series...there's also a gummi bear skin rug.
On her blog, she describes the hardiness of said medium. Sounds like they're pretty stable. More things should definelty be constructed out of gummi bears...I've always wondered how they'd look if you melted them, swirled the colors together...would they harden back up and have that same texture?
May need to buy some gummis to experiment with. Also, eat.


online306 said...

wow, that chandelier looks absolutely delicious. I love gummy bears.

Yaya Chou said...

Thanks, Claire! Melted gummis form shiny surface, and harden after an hour or so. But don't play with it too much, my cat and I fell ill from melting gummis for the new project. It's the food coloring turning into sulfur dioxide, I think.

Claire said...

Ooh, really? That's scary. Thanks for the warning though!


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