Monday, March 12, 2007


Hand sized softies
Originally uploaded by chicken widget.

I made these from a pattern. Someone else's pattern. *gasp!!* Actually, a tutorial. A free tutorial.(Thanks My Little Mochi!)
This is the first time I've ever sewn someone else's design. And even though I don't intend to sell them or profit by them, it still feels like cheating somehow. It wasn't my design. It doesn't count. Although they turned out nothing like the pattern...(I like to have my media 'contribute' to the finished piece, giving me that bit of the unexpected, the random.) Hrm. But, I definitely feel like I learned some things, some tricks to make this whole process a little easier. But, it doesn't really feel like art. (Because I copied!!! Someone else's design!!! Eep!{*grown up voice* That is what is known as a PATTERN.})
Oh, don't mind me, this is just the leftovers of a stressed out weekend!
At least tell me they turned out cute.

1 comment:

myra said...

I think they're adorable! And I know what you mean about feeling like you're cheating.



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