Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Spring! Stuff!

The trees are blooming out, the daffodils are up. As far as I'm concerned, it's spring. I love spring. La la la.
So, here's what I'm working on:
More than a seven chicken army These are all made from handmade pom poms (my hands, thank you so much), felt & beads. See more photos on Flickr

Can't stay away from the beads lately.

One Stuffed Pug
This is a prototype- the first one completed from a pattern I made. It still needs some tweaking.

Some of these things might find their way into the shop very soon...They're sort of taking over the studio- it's time for them to find new homes!


Amy Rice said...

Did you make the beads? They are very pretty.

Claire said...

I wish! I have a hot glass kit, but I'm too scared to use it.


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