Monday, March 19, 2007


And now, for your information, I hereby link you to the In-N-Out Burger Secret Menu!
Admittedly, it's not a very well kept secret, but I hadn't even had a glimmer of an idea that things like this existed in the world untill literally moments ago.
The world, it's vast...


Amy C Evans said...

This is gold! Not that I'm going to be in LA any time soon. This reminds me of the Varisty's secret menu, though--in Athens and Atlanta, GA. I always swear I'm going to memorize the lingo, so I'll be in-the-know the next time, but it never really works out that way.

PS: Looking forward to those finch paintings!

Sonja said...

*wistful sigh* I remember when I first found out about the secret menu. Thinking about In'N'Out is actually making my mouth water. Mmmmmm.


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