Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Baby Steps

I always thought that baby steps were tiny measured forward movements. Always forward. But slowly.
Then, my baby started to take steps. I was so wrong.
Baby steps are more akin to a tiny drunken sailor on leave meandering down a dark alley. They stumble. They're uneven. They don't just go forward, they go backwards and left and right. They go fast! Then slow. Then stop. Then fast again! There is no plotting ahead, just crashing forward. (And backwards and left and right.)
Baby steps, baby.
Nothing on the coffee table is safe!

A little while back, during one of my "aaahhh, my life is different and I can't do as much creating as I used to" complain-a-thon posts, someone commented about baby steps. And they were right. That's me, drunken sailor baby stepping all over the place. Baby in one hand, needle and thread in the other. Then stop. Then fast, knocking out a quilt and Chickenpants all over the place.
Thusly, I have calmed down (sort of), and I have half a million unfinished projects all over the place. It is good.
Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful comments! I appreciate them all so much.


Amanthus said...

Oh gosh, I just love this post. Reading this gives me inspiration as I trudge forward on my journey to get my creative on and my baby continues to find solid ground. Hah!

Claire said...

Thanks! Keep on trudgin'! ^_^


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