Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Leslie Hall - patron rock star of the crafters

Mother Gem. Keeper of the Gems. Crafty, be-stretch-panted diva. In other words, Leslie Hall.
Perhaps the best way to explain Leslie Hall is to let her do it. For those not yet initiated, here, watch this:

Aw, yeah.
She's been dancing and making the world a sparklier place for years now. I was first introduced to Leslie's music through a Felt Club newsletter back in 2008. I was immediately hooked. (And yet, it's taken me how long to write this post?)
(It was this video!)
She even has a gem sweater museum.
Imagine my pants-wetting when I actually got to meet Ms. Hall at Felt Club. Holy cow, she's even more glamorous in person. And craftier! She gleefully walked up and down the aisles before the show began, squealing over the goodies and talking to the crafters.
The Queen of Gem Sweaters & Ab Small Plushies
(Yes! She is holding a Chickenpants!)
One of the recurring topics in her songs is craftyness. By all means, treat yourself to at least one of her albums. They're the perfect jams to craft to.

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