Sunday, February 13, 2011

5 Crafts to Make With Buttons

Ahhhh, buttons. Currency of the craft drawer. They're among the most coveted and hoarded of odds and ends, at least around here. When you're ready to show off a few choice specimens, here's a few crafts that are worthy of your favorites.

1. These Fruity Button Napkins by Martha Stewart Living are so cute. What a nice (and fast!) way to spruce up some boring old cloth napkins.
Martha Stewart Fruity Button Napkins

2. Bugs and Fishes has a cute idea to spruce up plain clothes:
Button Jumper by Bugs and Fishes
Photo by Bugs and Fishes, of course. Check out her Button Sweater tutorial!

3. This flower bookmark by Pink Paper Peppermints is a really cute idea!
Flower Bookmark

4. This Spring Bouquet by American Craft Studios would be great to work on during the more dreary days of winter. (AKA NOW.)
Spring Bouquet Tutorial

5. I saw this delightfully modern looking button bouquet on Flickr:
button bouquet
It's by Sunshine Walks. The tutorial can be found over on Kiddley.

1 comment:

Melissa@Pink Paper Peppermints said...

Thanks for linking to my button bookmark! That sweater is *wonderful*! I want to go sew buttons on all my clothes now!



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