Thursday, February 3, 2011

10 Fun StumbleUpon finds

I find StumbleUpon very addictive. True, I may have started using it because some thread in the Etsy forums said it was good marketing (Uh, it isn't.), but I kept using it as my own bizarre bookmarking service.
(Oh, and if you are similarly addicted, here's my profile. Let's be friends, or followers, or whatever the kids are calling it these days.)
Here's 10 of the best things I've seen with it lately:

1. The Emerson House...aka the most stylish dollhouse EVER.
Emerson Modern Dollhouse
I could really see my flock of Chickenpants living in a place like this...

2. Jason Lee's amazing photography.
THAT'S why you have kids. Thanks for the reminder! (I forget a lot.)

3. is gorgeous. The projects he dreams up are delightful, too!

4. Box templates! Glorious box templates! All sorts of paper boxes you can fold yourself. Handy!

5. I want to make the heck out of this Cocktail Umbrella Lamp Shade.
Cocktail Umbrella Lampshade
Hooray, there's a tutorial!

6. Cats playing patty cake...what were they thinking?

Oh, now we know.

7. How to make live culture pickles.
How to make live culture pickles
Although it may just be the picture talking, those pickles look amazing!

8. Getting over perfection - a really fabulous post by Finslippy.

9. I really want to try this Flourless Chocolate Cake.

10. You've no doubt already seen this, but:
Super Mamika
Super Mamika!

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emily b said...

I love that Super Mario Bros. photo - that's brilliant!


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