Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Slight Change of Plans!

Hello everyone! I write to you today from the midst of a not-quite-properly-medicated cold on this my 35th week of pregnancy. Expect a lot of sentences like that in this post.
I had every intention of hanging in there, and waiting until January 24th to start maternity leave. (That would have been a very reasonable 2 weeks before my due date.) This cold, and the sudden massive weight gain, and the ensuing pain, and the barely being able to move, etc etc etc has sort of broken me. (Plus, there's the tiny issue of all the stuff that still needs to get done around here...and the tinier issue of hey, how am I going to do that stuff if I can't stand for more than 20 minutes at a time/bend over/drive?)
Maternity leave begins now!
What this means for the blog is less posts per week. I've been writing them ahead of time and storing them up. Why am I even announcing this? The blog will be almost normal! Hooray!

The shop will be going on maternity leave soon, too. Honestly, that scares me more than anything. (Well, not labor. Or delivery. Or living with a newborn. Or the possibility of never fitting into my perfect jeans again.) Still, scary.
The shop goes on maternity leave Monday, January 10th.

That's it for the announcements. I would end this post on a pithy note but, you know, snot. See you next post!


starmunki said...

love you to bits & pieces, claire. <3
i wish you felt a little better.
i'll be sending loads of good thoughts your way.

xox. keri

Claire said...

Thanks so much, Keri! Like you said on the FB page, it'll all be worth it soon. ^_^


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