Thursday, January 27, 2011

Library Book Review - The Pioneer Woman Cooks

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl

Y'all. Can I refer to you as "y'all"? After reading this book, it feels appropriate.
Y'all, as a card carrying, long term (18 + years...ouch!) vegetarian, I have to admit...I love this book.
Yes, it is mostly meaty recipes. Yes, I can cook basically nothing in here.
But if you buy into the line that cookbooks are basically fairy tales for grownups, you might just love this cookbook, too.
Each recipe in this book is generously speckled with lovely step by step photos, and pretty darn amusing directions. Ree Drummond, the author, is just plain adorable. Do you read her blog? You totally should. It's great.
There are also tons of gorgeous photos of her life on the ranch. I can't resist photos of cows, but then again, I live waaay out in the country myself, so I may be a *tad* biased.
Okay, so bottom line: health conscious? Vegetarian friendly? Nah.
Probably very, very delicious though. (I would tell you for sure, but you know, vegetarian.)
I did try a few of the recipes, though. The Hot Artichoke dip won over a roomful of dieting aunties. And holy cow, did it make a good spread for grilled cheese sandwiches the next day.
If you get a chance, by all means pick this book up!


The Hungry Crafter said...

"...cookbooks are basically fairy tales for grownups" LOL! I've never heard that one before, but it is SO true for me, at least :) Thanks for the smile...

Eerika said...

I love Pioneer Woman Cooks! We've been using the recipes on her site for years now, and as meat-eaters, we can attest that they're super yummy!
And now I'm sort of regretting even talking about this, since I'm really hungry and all the delicious recipes aren't helping! :D


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