Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Putting on an Etsy Sale

The Absolutely Small Shop on Sale
It's been a really long time since I've put on any sort of Etsy sale, mostly because it's so darn inconvenient. My shop usually hovers between 150-200 items, so going through and editing each listing (and then editing them back) is really NOT an option. Or I could tell people to check out like normal, and then wait for a revised invoice...yeah. Shockingly, that doesn't go well, either.

But then.

Etsy on Sale came along, and changed everything. For those not yet introduced, Etsy on Sale is a 3rd party ap that connects to your Etsy account and allows you to easily put your shop on sale mode. No more editing every listing yourself! No more revised invoice nonsense!
Etsy on Sale Settings Page
There's already a really great tutorial on how to use it over at the Handmadeology blog.
Or if you want to just jump in and take it for a spin, hop over to Etsy on Sale!

My own experience with the Etsy on Sale ap has been great so far. I found the ap easy to work with, and better yet, it actually WORKS! (I've been having such troubles with Etsy lately...all that reconfiguring and redesigning has left most of my Etsy Hacks sadly non-working, and me sadly too lazy/pregnancy brain addled to deal with them.)

The only thing I found a little squirrely is that if you relist an expired item, it doesn't have the markdowns taken. Which makes total sense, actually. Just a minor inconvenience.

I set my sale as 20% EVERYTHING in my shop, from now until Nov. 13th. So far, people seem to be really responding well to it! (Which is awesome, as it has been a slooooow Fall.)
Etsy on Sale Shop Page
I also followed another Handmadeology blog post, Running an Etsy Sale But Nobody Knows, to get the word out. That seems to be helping a ton!
I've set up a giveaway on my Facebook Fan Page to help spread the word...and that actually has not been going so well. Oops. (I'm giving away 2 Chickenpants at the end of the sale. And so far, I have a whopping two comments. Feel free to hop on over there, leave a comment and massage my poor broken ego. I'm pregnant! Pity me! Feed me cookies!)

Have you put on a sale with this ap? I'd love to hear your experiences. And if you're currently running a sale, by all means leave a link in your comment with the details!


lesley said...

wow, 20% off everything? what an awesome sale! thanks so much for the link to the etsy on sale app... i definitely want to try it out.


LEFTZ said...

I love Etsy on sale! I just recently heard about it too and it saves so much time :)

Fanie said...

I yet have to open an Etsy store (Or any online kind of store, for that matters.), but I do find this Etsy Sale application extremely interesting! :)
I yet have to learn so many things about Online selling that I really appreciate this blog post of yours about this. Thanks!

Claire said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

Rustic Goth said...

I LOVE Etsy on it seems like I'm having a 'Never Ending Sale' in my Shop. One of the best Apps EVER!

5 Must Have Etsy Apps — Absolutely Small said...

[...] Etsy on Sale: Yeah, Etsy just started offering coupon codes, and that’s great. However, if you want to offer something other than a percentage off of everything, Etsy on Sale to the rescue! You can customize your sale in several different ways. Actually, it wasn’t so very long ago that I was singing their praises right here on this very blog that you are reading now. [...]


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