Sunday, November 21, 2010

10 Wonderful Etsy Shops for Kids

I never had much interest in finding cute kid merchandise, but oh, about 7 months ago something changed. Since then, I've been scouring Etsy, and finding new and exciting ways to spend money. (I'm, uh...nesting!) Here's a few of my favorites for babies and kids. Click on any image to be taken to the Etsy shop, and see it larger.

1. Every nursery or kid's room needs art. Bad Bird has long been one of my Etsy favorites. These prints are perfect for wee ones!
Few Know Mopsy's Secret

2. Eagle Eye Designs isn't strictly a kid's shop, but they do have gems like these tiny Legend of Zelda onesies:
Link onesie

3. Bebe Babies and Friends makes some of the cutest baby dolls I have ever seen. I can't wait to add one to my the baby's collection.
Bundle Bebe baby doll

4. Namu makes some of the cutest retro Japanese silkscreens around. And she has an awesome kid's section!
T shirt by Namu

5. Caseybot makes really cute hats, like this vegan coonskin cap:
Vegan Coonskin Cap by Caseybot
Come on, how cute would your little munchkin look in one of these caps?

6. How sweet is this foxy lady?
Filomena Foxglove by Danielleorama
Danielleorama's shop is chock full of unique cuties!

7. Oh man. I love everything in Mi Cielo's shop.
Mr. T onesie by Mi Cielo
And now I know what to dress the baby in for Maker Faire! (Star Wars onesies!!)

8. Okay, I know we already had a hat maker featured. But can one ever have too many animal hats? I say nay!
Baby Chick hat
Have a poke around Naturally Crafty's shop, and I bet you'll agree with me.

9. If you think that A is for apple, and B is for boring, then you might like this:
Nerdy Baby ABC poster
Nerdy Baby ABCs! Start that kid off right! I love you, Tiffany Ard.
(Sorry, I know that image is tiny. Click on it to see it bigger!)

10. Finally:
Baby Bowtie
A baby bow tie. The world needs more babies in bow ties, don't you think?
Tiny Ties has all the bow ties and regular ties you can shake a stick at.


Stephanie said...

That baby chick hat is way too cute!

Rafael said...

The Mr. T kids shirt is freakin' awesome!


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